Licensed Real Estate Advisor

Garvey Fox

Garvey Fox, Licensed Real Estate Advisor

Garvey Fox is a licensed real estate advisor at Malloy Properties. As a veteran of his industry, he has accrued over 20 years of real estate experience.

Mr. Fox utilized his long gained experience, professionalism and negotiating skills to facilitate transaction from contract signing right through to a successful closing. His goals pertaining to real estate are to make his clientele's needs top priority in every transaction and being an informed recourse by constantly staying on top of the current Greenwich housing market.

Mr. Fox’s passion has always been in real estate and has led him to much success in the field. As a Greenwich, Connecticut resident, he is an active part of the community along with his two daughters, one having graduated Columbia University and the other attending the Berklee College of Music.

Office Location: 500 W. Putnam Avenue, Greenwich


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